you deserve Fork Freedom

The need for fork freedom started a little over 5 years ago. I was in early recovery and desperately needed to find something that would occupy me around “happy hour”. Cooking seemed like a natural fit since I had  always enjoyed it, but now it was a lifeline. 

Knowing my propensity for addiction and bingeing, I had to be intentional about what I cooked. Heavy pastas and sugary desserts were enticing but they would eventually take me down the same dark path that alcohol took me.

It was also critical that I would NOT feel deprived. There are far too many good, healthy foods to be eaten! I set out to get creative in the kitchen. I shifted my focus to foods  I could have versus foods I “couldn’t” have. THAT is what I want to share with you. THAT is fork freedom.

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Fork Freedom philosophy

I don’t follow a specific diet like Keto, paleo, whole30, etc. I follow the “stay away from foods that will jack my blood sugar and mood up only to crash soon after” diet.
Have you heard of it?
The name is a little bit of a mouthful (pun intended!) but the “diet” is very effective! The basic premise is to eat minimally processed, “close to nature” foods. I avoid foods that contain highly processed flour and sugar or contain a long list of ingredients which I can’t pronounce.

I also believe it’s important to:

  • Focus on all of the tasty, nutritious whole foods we can have versus what we can’t have. 
  • Not feel controlled by food, drink or any addiction so that we’re able to live our purpose.
  • Change habits one meal at a time, knowing its progress not perfection.
  • Feel energized because and unhealthy food obsession isn’t weighing us down.
  • Be intentional with food and aware of our triggers.

we are all here for a purpose

When you live in addiction or obsession, you are not focused on that purpose – you’re focused on the addiction. But you’re worth more than that. When you get intentional and shift your focus to foods which you can enjoy, you will start to chip away at obsessive thoughts.

Not to mention, when you are mindlessly eating sugar and carbs, you feel like crap! Whole foods give you the energy you need to find and live your purpose.

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